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Pecunia Investments was a Godsend for our family!


Pecunia has changed our lives dramatically.


Best move we ever made!


We can't thank you enough.


They are honest, good people who help make a difference.


Definitely out
of the ordinary....

What Our Owners Have to Say

Our objective in purchasing houses is to provide homes to families that want to get out of the landlord tenant game and to provide pride of home ownership. 

Our yardstick in evaluating the success of our objective is measured by owner feedback and by the number of owners who ultimately purchase the home they are currently leasing.

Below are just a few of the owners comments we have received. These are the some of the most current.  All can be verified.

Are we actually obtaining our objective? Well, read what our owners have to say and judge for yourself.


Pecunia Investments was a Godsend for our family! When trying to move from one province to another (BC to MB) it was hard finding a rental for our family of six. But Pecunia was different. Denis and Lise were not only helpful but very honest. We knew all the details of the home before we had our family view it. And our family reported all the same things. Not only that but Pecunia was willing to work with us from two provinces away and all of the paperwork was in place for us to move in on our arrival to Winnipeg! We've been able to move into a home that is OURS (or will be soon!) - especially after trying unsuccessfully to own in overpriced BC. We are so thankful for Denis and Lise and Pecunia for allowing us that opportunity. I highly recommend Pecunia for anyone looking to rent to own a home!

Michael & Delores

Dealing with Pecunia has changed our lives dramatically. We now have a home for our family to grow in. We have Lise and Denis to thank for helping us reach our goal of owning our new home.
Dean & Kelsey
P.S. I love their “Home Sweet Home” referral program, not only do I get to share my experience with others, but I get rewarded for doing it! How great is that?

After endless searching out rent to own deal's ( 2 year's ) we ran into a sign on the side of the road. We debated another day and drove back to get the number. Best move we ever made! We phoned and guess what they phoned back! We negotiated the price in advance 3 year's down the road, the difference between Pecunia and everyone else! Naturally the first 3 years will be vacation free, but what a pay-back. After year one we've realized 14% equity or another $28,000 towards our borrowing potential. In closing I would like to add that Pecunia Investments treated us with honesty, integrity every step of the way, isn't that the way it's suppose to be. THANK-YOU PECUNIA

Grant & Mandi

To a kind and gracious company, definitely out of the ordinary....

Pecunia Investments is a place to turn to when you feel nobody can or will help. Their devotion to helping people like ourselves get a financial leg up and set programs to help succeed and not repress. Kyle & Carole

Our jumping off point began about 4 years ago, as we were renters to Denis and Lise Encontre, very duteous landlords whom never left downfalls of units be unnoticed. As a couple who have tried and succeeded in their lives freshly wedded into a chapter of new beginnings, Pecunia Investments took notice and offered us an opportunity we couldn’t refuse.

After a long tumultuous home finding experience, we have sought with Pecunia Investments the home in which we believe we can truly start a new era.

A special thanks to Denis and Lise/Pecunia Investments for believing in individuals and making dreams come true!

Carole and Kyle Crarey

We really wanted to buy our own, but I had done some changing of jobs in the past few years and there was no way I was going to get a mortgage without having held the same job for more time than I had. I saw an ad for Pecunia and fell in love with the house they were offering. The house we were renting was falling apart and in a bad neighborhood and we wanted to move. Pecunia took us on. Unfortunately at the time, we couldn’t get the house they were advertising. But they worked with us, showing us a lot of houses to find one we liked. They don’t just buy one and expect you to buy it. They work with you until everyone is happy. They found us a fantastic house in a fabulous neighborhood and we are extremely happy. We were willing to settle for just a house and Denis and Lise made us raise our sights to something much much better. We can’t thank you enough.

Sheilagh & Terrence

Marty & DianeDenis and Lise of Pecunia Investments didn't help us get into a house, they got us into a home. They were very informative and very helpful. They really had our best interest at heart. Every step of the way we could count on Denis and Lise to answer any questions we may of had. When we found our home not only did we know it was the one, so did they. Working with them wasn't like working with a company, but more like a friend. They are honest, good people who help make a difference. We can not thank them enough!
Marty & Diane
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