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We are proud of our achievements and know that you can only gain from our experience.

We love the enjoyment of helping a family to realize their dreams of having a home they can call their own.

Denis Encontre

Denis is a real estate investor who has been involved in the Winnipeg market for over 26 years. He currently owns residential and commercial property in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

Denis has a background in construction, which spans a thirty-year period. He has worked in construction, well drilling, plumbing, framing, roofing, heating, tiling, flooring and painting to name a few. He also has a certificate in accounting and a diploma in computer programming. Denis has also designed and built his own residence in 1996.

After many years in the real estate market, Denis decided to use his knowledge, experience and background to help others navigate through the bumpy and frustrating world of banking and credit issues that often face our clients. The rising Winnipeg market is also creating some real challenges for people who have been involved in multiple bidding wars, making purchasing a home a real challenge. 

Denis’ real life experiences are helping many people/families into homes, sometimes for the first time. It is highly rewarding and continues to fuel Denis’ passion in real estate.

Denis’ integrity and commitment in helping others through the frustrating and confusing world of finances/home ownership drives Denis’ passion in real estate making it available for many who can not qualify through traditional means.

Today, Denis continues to invest in the Winnipeg market, a market that is growing stronger with solid fundamentals and long term potential.

In 2007 Denis was named the Top Canadian and in 2008 the Top North American in the Better Your Best Contest.  A contest recognizing top achievement in the real estate investing world sponsored by Greg Habstritt and the Master Wealth real estate program.

One of the guiding principals that I aspire to, is that as I travel through life, it is important that the wake I leave behind is positive to others. I have created a unique business to assist families to succeed in purchasing there homes through integrity and honesty, always striving for a win win situation.

Your future can be whatever you choose it to be - so why not choose it to be one of happiness and prosperity? Go for what you want - go for the gold!!!

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