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If you answer YES! to just one of these questions.
  • Tired of renting?
  • Is your Landlord getting rich at your expense?
  • Need more space?
  • Want more privacy?
  • Don’t have enough for a down payment?
  • Do you have bad, ugly or no credit?
  • Want a home to call your own?
  • Can’t qualify for a mortgage?
  • Self employed?
  • Bankruptcy?
  • Divorced?
  • Just relocated from another province or country?

We can Help!

If you can afford a reasonable monthly payment, you can easily qualify for one of our unique and exciting Lease to Own Purchase Programs. With all of our Purchase Programs, there is 

No Bank Qualifying Required! 

Whether you are rebuilding your existing credit or establishing new credit, we can Help! Conventional mortgages are restrictive and are only available to those who fit traditional criteria. At Pecunia Investments, we do things differently because we truly understand that life’s circumstances should not prevent you from realizing your dream of home ownership! We care about you, your family, and our Canadian community. Together, we will build a nation of proud home owners!

You Can OWN Your Home Today!

Complete the application.  Fax or mail it to us and within 48 hours we will set up a meeting with you and get all the details on the home you are looking for. 

We buy homes privately, from Comfree, or through one of our real estate agents who will work with you to find exactly what you want.  Until you find the home you want there is absolutely no obligation. 

Pecunia Investments will then negotiate the best deal possible with the vendor. Once there is a signed agreement in place, that is when YOU decide if you want to close the deal.  If you agree with the price, we purchase the house and you move into the home on possession date. It's that simple.

WOW! Look at the return on your investment!

Did you know that you are losing thousand$$$$ by not owning your own home? With just a 2% Down payment you can qualify for our program.  Winnipeg real estate has increased on average 10.26% per year for the past 5 years, and 14.91% in the past 3 years.

Example of a 3 year Lease-Option in 2004
Original Purchase price in 2004 $120,000
Market Value in 2007 $173,649
Your purchase price in 2007 on our 3 year lease-option program 8% increase per year -$151,165
Your Equity in just 3 years =$22,484
You would also have your 5% Down payment of +$8,682
Realized Equity in $ =$31,166
Realized Equity in % 18%
Savings per month $31,166 ÷ 36 mths  = $865.73
With only a $2,400 down payment that's a return on your investment of: 937%
($22,484 ÷ $2,400 = 937%)

Do you know of a better investment? 

This is why more millionaires are made by real estate than any other investment, and it can start today by owning your own home.

To make your dreams of owning your own home

click HERE to
complete the application form!

Creating Pride of Home Ownership!™ 

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